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  • Introductions

    Diet, Connyaku
    Suppon Taisho
    Fly Fishing
    Fishing Sites
    Risky winter fishing
    Birds and snakes
    First Love
    No fight at all
    Conputer of 30 years ago
    Wild vegitable
    Bird house
    Bird nest and box
    How to make bird house

    First Travel
    Driving License
    Oposit way Japan and U.S.
    Reasons America became Big
    American and Japenese cars
    Chinese foods
    Pronounciation of English
    President Obama
    Tough Inougulation
    Kennedy family
    New York and New Jersey
    Deer meat and BSE
    Lawn of next house
    Children do not play in a yard
    My plane, Flight Simulator
    Boundary Hunter
    Time differences
    World view by Americans
    American speak "FU●K"
    National Fishing License
    700B Dollars
    Rules, Rules, Germany

  • Introductions

    Since when I was young, I spent almost more than half of my life in oversea contries as a representative of a company. Those places were Asia, America and Eupropean countries. I had many valuable experiences in it.
    The firs asignment was for Thailand and lived in Bangkok for four years. It was 30 years ago. Present Bangkok has very dramatically changed and become a modern city.
    Its sky scrapers are really surprise and can not imagine it was 30 years ago. Mainly, I lived in Bangokok, but I traveled North (Chiengmai) and northeast (Udontani, Konkaen.) At that time, the time goes very slowly and people's life style was very mild and kind. Other than Thailand, I traveled Miyammer, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia for business.

    Next, I was transffered to U.S.A. I lived in south bay of Los Angeles in California for one year. The third asignment was for New York (New Jersey side) and lived there for next six and half years.
    I was a sales manager in the company and travled to south, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, North and South Carolina, Ilinois, Ohio and Michigan in midwest states. Almost all east coast states such as Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, Meryland, Washington D.C., Delaware, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusettes, New Hampshire and Toronto, Montreal in Canada. I used to flu and drove.

    Mainly, I took airplane for those business trips. The total number of flight will be 2 times a month, 48 times a month, more than 1000 times for past 25 years.
    During those flights, I had no air turburance or seriouse insidents which passengers fly in the cabin or rain of coffee. Air plane is very safe transportation divice.
    Sometimes, I drove a car to Toronto, Canada. It's nine hours drive. It's long time, but I could enjoy the Niagara Falls on the way to or from Canada. If I use airplane, it is not possible.

    The longest business trip by a car I made was to St.Luis, MO.
    On the way to St. Luis, I did a job in Ohio and drove to St. Luis. On the way back to New Jersey, I drove 15 hours from the town to Fort Lee, NJ. I made 2 times refueling to come to NJ. The average speed on the trip was 96 Km/h for 15 hours. The most of the driving time, I had to maintain 110km/h or I could not make 96km/h average speed.
    It is longer time than a flight for a B747 from J.F.K. airport to Tokyo.
    It's not difficult to drive 110km/h, but not be captured by a highway plice for 15 hours was a difficult task. Do not copy my driving speed and time. If you do, you will be ticketed.

    After six and half years living in New Jersey, U.S.A., I moved (was transfered) to Dusseldorf, Germany.
    There're about 400 Japanese company's branch offices and subsidary companies in the city at that time. 1% of the population of the city was Japanese businessmen and their family members. 10% of total tax income for the city has come from those companies and families, it's said at that time.
    For this reason, the local government of Dusseldorf always welcomed Japanese businessmen. They offered succer stadium which is capacity of 50,000 audiences in it for Japanese society if they needed for their sports festival etc. for their school events.

    I made a lot of business trips from Dusseldorf for Koeln, Frankfurt, Sttutgart, Hamburg, Berlin and Bremen domestically. Internationally, I went to France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Luxenburg, Checho Republic, Austria and Turkey or Russia. I did not want to go last two, so I sent my assistant people there.

    In Germany, I spoke German, French in France and Geneva, Switzerland and Belgium. In Holland, a lot of people speak not only Dutche but English, also.
    After five years living in Germany, I moved back to New Jersey again and lived there for next eight and half years before I independented. At present, I am selfemployed and doing business for video production, website design, moving consaltant and limousine car services.

    During I was working in those cities and countries, I had many unique experiences. I will write about thoese experiences in just three minutes for each episode.  

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